Tuesday, July 26, 2016

The Thirty Day Timeout From Pinterest And YouTube Challenge (Some Restrictions May Apply)

Hello Creatives!

Whether you read my previous post or not, I'm challenging YOU to do the "30 day timeout from Pinterest and YouTube" with me. I'm starting this challenge on Monday, August 1st, 2016 - Wednesday, August 31st, 2016. (I need to prepare!)

There aren't any rules, it's more of a challenge to oneself, really. The point of this challenge (for myself) is for a few reasons; Number one - to rely on my own creativity and imagination. Number two - spend more time actually creating than scouring Pinterest/YouTube for tips, tricks, how to's, etc. I'm not going to lie - I find that I spend more time on those sites than I actually spend creating... that's not cool. 

Some habits are going to be hard to break. I, for one, tend to tap on my Pinterest app when I'm bored, without even realizing I've done as such. In fact, the first thing I do when I wake up, or waiting for dinner to get done, or in the wee hours of the night, or on a break, is scroll through Pinterest. I do it both absent mindedly and on purpose because I love all of those colorful and inspiring pins! I simply can't get enough. 

YouTube, on the other hand, is usually the leading result of a 'pin' I found. "OMG!!! How did he make THAT?" Which usually causes me to seek out more information on that dude's technique... which there is almost always a video of, be it from the actual artist, or from someone who did it similarly. By the way, this little process can waste a lot of time in pursuit of. 

Pinterest is going to be the most difficult for me to stay away from, and since I know this - I'll 'hide' the app on both my phone and tablet, and remove the bookmark on my browser. Since I really don't use YouTube for a source of inspiration, but rather for a source of information on technique, I'll do my best to stay away from those sort of video's and stick to music and documentary video's instead. 

The rules I set forth for myself are fairly loose. I'm not going to whack my head against the wall if I check something out on Pinterest that a friend sent me or watch a video by someone I follow. All of which would be out of habit, and some habits are harder to break than others. 

If you decide to do this challenge (which can be done at any time), I'd love to hear about it, or if you have tips/suggestions - I'd love to hear about those too.

The last time I challenged myself I wrote a lot of blog posts, ha, I'm not sure if that will happen this time around or not... although, I have a feeling I'll be all over the place again. 

Thank for stopping by,